The wonderful melodies, or niggunim, sung in Synagogues, at life-cycle events and at tables in Jewish homes have a rich and diverse history. But what makes a niggun unique is the powerful emotion with which it is sung, and the powerful emotion it evokes in those who hear it. 

Our group of experienced singers of niggunim gathered together around a table with a pot of cholent (a Sabbath stew) and sang, much like what happens on the Jewish Sabbath in homes throughout the world. We sought to capture the energy, spontaneity and informality with which they are commonly sung, and to create an authentic and inspiring experience for the listener. From a moving wedding niggun to a rousing Moditzer Chassidic march, these niggunim evoke the emotions and senses of the settings in which they are most often used. 

We chose Leket Israel as the beneficiary charity of this project because it embodies the spirit of what we tried to accomplish through our singing: We hope that by bringing this soulful spiritual nourishment to everyone's table, we can help Leket Israel provide vital edible nourishment to those in need.

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